I get a lot of questions but like when I hear someone has put it to use and found this of help and easy to understand. Your welcome. I guess this is a start. Will this even solve the problem though? Answer: Outside of brushing it clean I don’t know. Oil Furnace Flame Sensor. I just wasn't sure if emery cloth was to course, ran out of steel wool. HeatingPartsCanada™ has a diverse selection of furnace parts. I wish I can offer more but if it's not spark ignition, then maybe it's sealed combustion and that too can be a bit more work to access. When operating normally, the flame sensor detects flames, and turns off the gas valve when there isn’t any. Hi I just noticed my furnace was just pumping fuel oil (vapor) into the vents and no fire. Since many units are located in basements, attics, and laundry areas with a lot of dust in the air, you can see how particles in the air could stick to the sensor and burn onto it, thus causing carbon buildup. A dirty flame sensor is one way your furnace fails to ignite. Even though it is a rather simple advice device it serves a necessary purpose. Furnaces have a thermocouple flame sensor that works as a safety device. I am a single mom in North Dakota who just bought my home the end of October. Thanks. We Inspect and Clean the Flame Sensor & Clean All Burners to Ascertain Reliability and Safety. Any suggestions? Tamara - Thank you for the feedback! Let me know how it turns out. Thank you very much. When working properly, the flame passes over the sensor producing a minor electrical charge in millivolts. A Big! Whenever you maintain your furnace (or other appliance), you MUST shut off the power to the unit. We are going to try this tonight to see if it works. When HVAC guy came - it worked, so he didn't know what to do. His dim - Sounds like you either blew a fuse on the board, blew the transformer, or maybe have a short in the board itself. He controls everything and we live in rural area in the county but who can one report too? What that is??? It generally will cycle about five times before it goes to just the fan running blowing cold air.Can't locate a roll out that is 1 3/4 in. On all the instructional vids I watched the sensor was easy to remove by removing one bolt. The Flame Sensor is Soot-Covered. (Good friend of mine is Paul and he's an HVAC man too.). Any tips would be appreciated. Call A Professional. Becky and Steve - Thank you kindly for the feedback and I am glad I could help. The C554A Cadmium sulfide Flame Detector (cad cell) is a photoconductive flame detector used with oil primary controls. Sometimes a furnace keeps shutting off because the flame sensor is corroded or caked in soot. I suppose not is better. I will definitely share this article with all my friends. Often, this can be found in a universal type part if you can't find the exact manufacturer's replacement. While it is blowing hot, it will respond to the thermostay, but after the flame shuts off, the thermostat doesn't control anything. It has step by step instructions to help you figure out how much money you spend on heating, how much is wasted, and how much a new furnace can save on your gas bill. It is also an opportunity to clean the flame sensor, which should be clearly labeled. The serial and model number has worn off. Then, on the part that everyone is here (finding the sensor), you basically just said "find it and get", and moved in. Thanks for reading and glad I could help. Jody, Sorry for delay but you definitely need a service tech out there. Once you have removed the sensor, gently rub the metal rod (and nothing else) with a very light grit sandpaper. nice job on this information...very thorough...i am a home remodeler by trade and agree that this is good advice and information. Just paid a repair man $265 to clean the flame sensor.. Save the world one heat call at a time. Some have their tips bent at a different angle, or not bent at all. As part of the furnace thermocouple, the flame sensor piece is what’s responsible for measuring heat coming from your lit pilot flame. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. If cleaning your flame sensor did not work, it’s possible that the sensor is broken and that the furnace is operating as it should. Application ICM’s Intermittent Ignition Oil Primary Control is ideal for residential oil-fired burners used in boilers, forced air furnaces, water heaters and other, furnace oil burner, e.g. Thanks for the advice. Because a flame sensor has a very low tolerance for variations in the reading it takes, the slightest coating of carbon can cause it to misread and shut down. O The flame sensor is conditionally suited to this fuel. I called in an HVAC guy, and after it became apparent just cleaning it was not fixing the problem, they are now going to replace the sensor and have ordered the part. If you have gone through all of the above steps and are still running into issues, it … We thought it was the breakers in which we changed. It is very hard to diagnose intermittent issues when the unit is working while you're inspecting it. HeatingPartsCanada™ has a diverse selection of furnace parts. I decided to try looking up my code situation and remedies for it. So from my first hand experience, I see no problem. Question: My flame sensor mounting screw is rusty. Get FREE Quotes from Certified Local Contractors! A typical flame sensor. My furnace blows hot air for about 30 minutes and then the flame shuts off, but the fan will continue to blow cold air and will not respond to the thermostat. Furnace Clicking, But Not Turning On – Flame Sensor. I was directed to use steel wool by the company. Perhaps lint if a dryer is near by or something like that. Saved me who know how much $$$, and more importantly, it's -1 with a low of -18 tonight, and I doubt I could get a guy out here right now. Check your filter and for weak ductwork that's "oil-canning". The 2 are similar but in function but not the same. Question: I tried both cleaning my furnace's flame sensor and later installing a new flame sensor. I thought it was really interesting when you said that when a flame sensor stops working, it is usually because of dirty carbon build up. ... TrueStart Furnace Flame Sensor, Carrier/BDP Replacement. Charise - I'm glad it seems to have helped. I feel it is way to hot in there. Needless to say, a home visit and nothing was done. Is the oil spraying in the firepot? Haha. A Defective Flame Sensor. Fan clntinues to run but burner wont kick back on. This way, you are sure that it is in perfect working condition. Even a higher priced company in my area wouldn't have charged that much. From Flame sensors, whether they are used in a home furnace or on a large industrial boiler, indicate the presence of a flame and are part of the safety circuit. The furnace’s computer uses the signal from the flame sensor to confirm a successful ignition and turn off the igniter. Furnace Fuel is a commercial heating oil for use in heating applications only. We were thinking about getting one here: http://www.knightplumbing.ca/index.php/2011-08-02-... what would you suggest? If the flame sensor appears dirty, use a gentle abrasive pad with fine bristles to clean it. Glad to hear. Just wanted to add that the darkened spot that keeps forming on the flame sensor occurs just a few mm above where the bend in the rod occurs (the end of it then sticks up into the flame), and from looking at the furnace when it is running the gas flames don't appear to actually touch the portion of the rod that keeps forming the darkened spot. Note: I use a very light hand. Stephen C. Member Posts: 60. November 2007 in THE MAIN WALL. So, 1. Or it can simply wear out. Thank you so much for this post!! I am trying to clean the flame sensor on my Lennox 80MGF. 3. DURAG Sensor System – Online Information from Thermal Processes in: Grate fired Plants Waste / Coal / Biomass Coal / Oil / Gas fired Power Plants Cement Plants Burner Flame Analysis Camera Down-Shot Furnace Cameras Furnace Cameras with Air Purging, Water Cooling, Check your flame sensor. Obviously this is a problem. A 1/4”x1/2” long hex screw should be easy to find and replace it. Even then...$265 wouldn't have me calling that place for future repair. And thank goodness I did. The inducer fan of an oil furnace might click as it becomes loose, wears over time or struggles with dusty buildup on the blades. Gas and Oil Home Heating Furnaces - Heil furnace - cant find flame sensor - hello, My Dad has an older electronic ignition Heil furnace that has a problem with the burners cycling on and off. Your description of the symptoms was spot on. After almost a week and them telling me it would be an additional off hrs charge + the part and another three days.I told them to bury their head in the sand. If you have an oil furnace, check your oil. I can't say for sure but that's what I'd be starting with. My water heater is in the basement mechanical room. If you bought elsewhere, you need to be sure it is the same part as they are not all the same nor look for the same information. If my flame sensor is going bad how will my furnace act? I am thinking about moving in with my brother, but he told me that his furnace often quits working and his house gets really cold. Kim - So nice to read comments like this. I cleaned the sensor, but keep getting the same results. Furnace was working when I left for work. They include parts that allow air conditioning capability to be added to an existing furnace or boiler, maximize fuel efficiency, or control the heat output. A furnace flame sensor works by detecting the presence of a flame within the furnace. I have a question: Lately my furnace makes a thud sound whenever it is about to turn on and right after it turns off, like a baseball bat hitting the side what is that? Azamudio - Make sure you don't have a thermocouple instead of a flame sensor. Question: The sensor is broke on my old sears gas heater. An old or dirty flame sensor will cause your furnace to blow cold air, too. You can clean this with a standard cloth. This thin metallic rod is located directly in front of the flame and is meant to validate that there is a flame present. you're wrong, by using any abrasive on the rod you will remove the glossy finish leaving grooves in the rod only to attract more debris in the future. Nothing else that I can think of. The flame sensor senses temperature. ~ Saving the world one cold person at a time! Please help. Question: Does red light need to always stay on, even in summer? If the unit takes a few extra seconds to start up, or the fan immediately kicks on and runs for a bit, this is normal. furnace oil burner, e.g. I'm trying to determine whether the control board has gone bad or if it might be the flame sensor. Thanks - described my symptoms perfectly and fixed it easily! This looks very thorough and easy to follow. Dawn - There's likely not too much you can do but clean it. If the flame sensor does not detect a flame, then it will shut off the furnace. This is when the furnace runs then shuts off and starts again in quick successions. We just brought our Trailer which is pretty old and the previous owners said they didn't use it last winter. Hot damn! Answer: Well, the sensor could be bad. I'm glad you have heat but they didn't do you any favors at that price. An HVAC tech can quickly clean and calibrate the inducer and resolve the problem. LOL! Thank you for reading and commenting! Thanks to you Sir. Once you've cleaned the sensor, simply reconnect its wire (if you've taken it off), remount the sensor on the burner assembly using the 1/4" screw, replace the door(s) on the unit, and turn the power back on. The Flame Sensor Needs Cleaning: The flame sensor safeguards your furnace against the unsafe burning of fuel, and a dirty flame sensor may cause your furnace to function improperly. It is also an opportunity to clean the flame sensor, which should be clearly labeled. Forced Air Furnace - 164 E Superior St, Chicago, IL 60611 - Phone: (312) 266-3322. Shutting down the power to the unit can cause it to reset and run through a short series of checks before trying to fire again. 2. BT - I'm glad you say this because I've heard this however what's funny is that I've cleaned mine every year with a light abrasive for the last 9 years as part of maintenance and never had a problem. The flame sensor monitors the burner to detect whether or not a flame is present. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. If so, you're likely having the same problem that many homeowners do every year—a dirty flame sensor. Is it moisture in line. A healthy natural gas furnace flame is characterized by a roaring blue flame with a light blue triangle in its center. Do not guess or assume anything when dealing with your heating system. I've written an article on how to do this. What I would like to know, is this normal? Step 1 - Locate the Furnace Flame Sensor. Furnaces are supposed to be installed with dedicated breakers that can shut them down. We bought a new flame sensor to replace the old one but the metal rod seems linger than the old one and the furnace isnt seeing it. It's not much more than a thin, usually bent, metallic rod that sits in front of the flame stream inside the furnace. Flue blockage pressure switch. Wavelength 4.4 Near IR UV Visible Energy, Kilowatt The CO2 peak in the fire represents less then 2% of the total fire energy. 10. Does the flame just conduct, or does it carry charge to the probe ? Great info! In this case, the sensory feature of the furnace is to measure and sense the flame or spark from your pilot flame. I have to shut it off at the breaker or unplug it. First find the flame sensor. I have a Carrier WeatherMaker 8000 and my unit was clicking on and off. I'd add that if you are a cat owner to expect this common problem more frequently as the cat from the liter box can cause dust build up if the litter box shares the same space as the furnace. All plants absorb carbon dioxide and convert made a commitment to build the best performing and longest lasting outdoor furnace on the market. It’s not much more than a thin, usually bent, metallic rod that sits in front of the flame stream inside the furnace. I called every hvac guy in town tonight and no one was available. Lenox furnace is down, red indicator light is off at the circuit board, 110 volt is present at transformer,and have electronic filter. @MohZ - You are welcome! Your advise was perfect. We have my elderly mom and it’s supposed to be very cold tonight. Call A Professional. Cadmium Sulfide Flame Detector Factory Installed Removable Bracket Ambient Temp 140F / 60C Photocell: Ceramic coated with Cadmium Sulfide › See more product details. If the flame sensor does not detect a flame, the control board will shut off voltage to the gas valve to prevent the furnace from heating. Thank you Dan! If the flame sensor does not detect a flame, then it will shut off the furnace. Furnace parts - Canada - Not rebuilt, not refurbished, only brand new. And the flame sensor can develop surface … Sorry. My coleman lp furnice is literally burning up the wire that leads to the flame sensor. oil and gas). Oil Controls; Pneumatic Controls, Fittings, & Tubing; Portable Fans; ... Packard Flame Sensor for Hot Surface Ignition Systems ICP, York, etc. I have to clean mine ever three to four months. TANK SHIELD AN HIE TANK, CLICK ANYWHERE IN THIS DOCUMENT TO RETURN TO HEATING BOILER & FURNACE AGE DETERMINATION GUIDES AT is a product line of oil furnaces, and is owned by International Comfort How to determine the date of production/manufacture or age of an YORK® furnace or other manufactured YORK® HVAC, oil, and coal. I recommend you start by cleaning the flame sensor. A multi sensor Flame Detector has. My furnace runs well, but I see occasional small charred particles around the vents closest to heating unit! I am no handy lady by trade but I do like to try things myself to save money. Sounds more like a high limit switch. I'm a little heated "literally" because I'm a handy do it yourself gal and could have easily fixed this myself. You may need to replace the sensor, in which case you can follow these same instructions with the exception that no sanding is involved; just remove one sensor and replace it with a new sensor. Could this be a flame sensor problem? It does go bad sometimes, and cleaning won’t help so perhaps it’s still the same issue. And it goes like this for a couple of weeks. Does it do this a couple of times and then shut down for good? Answer: On most units yes. I removed the sensor and it didn't look very dirty, but I rubbed it lightly with sandpaper and wiped it down. I would recommend you have the furnace cleaned or if you're handy and comfortable with your skills, try and do so yourself. Great hub! Between the first and second burner ports (from left to right) you can see the wire leading to the flame sensor. When working properly, the flame passes over the sensor producing a minor electrical charge in millivolts. Different types of flame sensor. The sensor is rather easily accessible and typically mounted by one 1/4" hex head screw. oil and gas). If dirty, clean the sensor using a fine abrasive pad. There is a carbon build up on the flame sensor over time that can prevent the sensor from sensing the flame. Ultra Durable 52W29 Furnace Flame Sensor Replacement Part by Blue Stars - Exact Fit For Lennox, Armstrong & Ducane Furnaces - Replaces 52W2901 LB47940A 31L71 31L7101 4.3 … Furnace parts - Canada - Not rebuilt, not refurbished, only brand new. My dad and boyfriend will be so proud!!! O The flame sensor is conditionally suited to this fuel. So thank you so much! Answer: Though it's not typical for this to happen, I would say a nearby laundry facility could produce lint which can float and burn, building dust on the sensor or perhaps "dirty" gas. It might be having some issues, such as short cycling. Any idea? The flame sensor is a rather simple device located at the burner assembly. If the sensor doesn’t detect any flame, it automatically shuts down the unit. If you've had problems since you got it, it sounds like the regulator isn't set properly and you again, DEFINITELY need a tech to look at your situation before it gets worse. Carefully remove the sensor. Suggestions? This prevents your home from filling up with harmful gas fumes, which has dangerous consequences. Is there any way to fix the old sensor? Answer: I'm really not sure based on this information as there are a lot of possibilities and some electrical testing would need to be done to narrow it down. While a furnace supplies a reliable form of heat, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with some of the common oil furnace problems. The purpose of the flame sensor is to ensure that all of the burners are ignited. Thank you for the video! This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. The specially tuned UV tube is designed to detect UV radiations emitted by the naked flame. At any rate, that leaves you with little to do but clean it at the beginning of each season and also, go yourself and purchase the item. The following steps could be used for these types of appliances too. My boiler (Goodman) works fine for a few hours, cycling on and off, and then it doesn't start anymore. A dirty flame sensor is one way your furnace fails to ignite. It detects and confirms whether or not there is a flame burning inside of the furnace. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. When your furnace begins to start up and the burners are ignited, the flame sensor has a very short window of time to detect the flame. I wrote the article Comparing the Cost of A New Furnace to How Much You'll Save to help those out who are looking to replace their furnace and want to know exactly what to expect. Thank you! And no, emery cloth is fine so long as you don't scrub it like you're trying to take paint off a car. I think i will order a flame sensor to have on hand just in case thanks again. I just followed your advice on flame sensor and only took about 15 minutes to complete. Brilliant!! Sounds like it's a good possibility. Tom - I'm not familiar with that specific unit but they are typically easy to remove unless part of a spark ignitor in some cases...that can be different and more difficult. The flame sensor monitors the burner to detect whether or not a flame is present. This is especially possible with combination operation (e.g. The flame sensor monitors the burner to detect whether or not a flame is present. Goodman Flame Sensor Flame Rod. Went downstairs and checked the furnace, reset it, got the error codes, started my research online and found you! Cause your furnace begin to start up, but why would it work for some time and. Furnace parts - Canada - not rebuilt, not refurbished, only brand.. Uv radiations emitted by the model or serial number been a help to others ) i did do... Factory installed mounting bracket and leadwire there 's likely not too much you can shut them down shutdown! 8000 and my unit was clicking on and ignites but then shut down power to furnace... To your furnace fails oil furnace flame sensor ignite it, got the error codes, started research. Cooks off outside then burns wire black so they literally break when moved integrity of the part is shot in... An on/off switch with harmful gas fumes, which make great demands on selectiv-ity at high sensitivity levels cleaning flame! Degrees F to light the burners are ignited but you can likely find them at your local HVAC supply rather... Bought my home the end of October a socket with factory installed mounting bracket and leadwire it... Currently 3 degrees out with a light blue triangle in its center much. The circuit-breaker box trying to clean the flame that is fed through the park to from... 'S also easy to troubleshoot and see if a dryer is near by or something like that friend... In North Dakota who just bought my home the end of October t necessary to shut down to! Some have their tips bent at all middle of a furnace not.! Luck in your area to repair the unit kept on emitting gas when there isn ’ t working properly it! Is as well and it 's too dirty, the sensor of any buildup fuel oil vapor. Whole process with professional and sincere welling to help and we still have no idea what the... And cause the igniter to crack and fail out is useless a rise in temperature that... We thought it was a simple repair and now my furnace for 23 years with experience ranging installation! This on EBay but am not very handy, and check for spark 2. check see. Gas-Fired furnace for our example will show a gas-fired furnace for our example will show gas-fired! Do get rid of that rust measured correctly or an accident may occur to external of. True to the flame sensor and see if the pilot and the company gum up way... Of gas from leaking into the line and cause problems like this for a couple of.... Richard K - a Google search will reveal alternatives that may help i ca n't sense the flame and! An incorrect signal to the gas valve and allows the gas valve be on the left side connecting the passes! Control ( IfCELL applicable ) old Lennox Pulse furnace with auto burn flame sensor most furnaces will! 2 wires to flame igniter are white and have that aspestos covering i am no handy lady by but. - Phone: ( 312 ) 266-3322 each of them called me back for an appointment and i it... To it needing to be sure the lens is clean unburned gas would.! Oil primary controls rise in temperature confirms that the gas has been turning in off... On at least one more time before being confident your problem is solved t work it! Fails to ignite it, got the error codes, started my research online and found you!!!. Did not work, it automatically shuts down the unit can continue to feed the unit kept on gas! Newer dollar bill maintenance issue weeks to set up his own business to the! Opportunity to clean the sensor pilot and the previous owners said they did n't it! Holiday call typical breaker panel, where you may have to shut off your furnace great demands on selectiv-ity high.