Correspondence Address: Al Musawi, A.; Instructional and Learning Technologies Dept, COE, Sultan Qaboos UniversityOman; email: This study attempted to establish a model of the social traits of Facebook users, and our results indicate that social self-efficacy has a positive influence on social trust; social trust has a positive influence on social capital, and social trust mediates the relationship between social self-efficacy and social capital. The study examines the effectiveness of Isman Instructional Design Model in developing a Physics module based on learning style and appropriate technology in secondary educational setting in Malaysia. definition “Instructional Technology is the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning.”(Seels & Richie, 1994, ... holds true to the systematic process but now is allowing for a variety of mindsets and Instructional Systems Design … [11] References. The findings revealed that the overall academic achievement, creative thinking, and research characteristics were significantly improved after the intervention of the 5P model as well as for the 5E model. also want to know what their perception is about the use of virtual learning (2006) mengusulkan strategi pembelajaran yang dapat digunakan untuk membantu siswa dalam mengembangkan kemampuan menyelesaikan masalah. This process can be used to plan a variety of instructional approaches, ranging from teacher lectures to hands-on student-centered activities. At the end of this process, it can be seen the student learning performance in instructional activities based upon defined goals and objectives. @article{Shaw2012LeadershipTI, title={Leadership through Instructional Design in Higher Education. certification. Online learning permits personalization and autonomous learning. The questionnaire covers the following learning theories: behavioral theories, individual and social constructivism, cognitivism and enactivism. This approach was later taken and built upon leading to the development of instructional design, a field of study that marries education, psychology and communications to create the most effective teaching plans for specific groups of students. The researchers also compared the effectiveness of the module according to gender. Outcomes-based education (OBE) has been a new educational reform, especially among higher education institutions in the world. the freedom of a strictly constructivist classroom lends to too little being achieved, especially with the demands of state We have been able to tailor a course that provides the breadth, depth, INTRODUCTION Facebook has become one of the most prominent social network platforms among students and has potential for teaching and learning because of its unique built-in functions which offer pedagogical, social and technological affordances (Cam & Isbulan, 2012; Hew & Cheung, 2012; Munoz & Towner, 2009; Selami Aydin, 2012; Wang, Woo, Quek, Yang, & Liu, 2012). The form of learning preparation is learning administration. Bloom or Structure of the Observed Learning Outcome (SOLO). and reinforcements is not feasible in such a complex situation. Moreover, the close connection between design and context reflects the integration of all aspects of the u-learning model (Van Diggelen and Overdijk, 2009). The verbal and reflective modules were effective for female learners and not for male learners. A total of 287 teachers were involved in the study sample. Bahan ajar Bahasa Inggris berbasis kompetensi kerja yang dihasilkan di dalam penelitian ini dikaji dari dua aspek, yaitu: aspek efektivitas penggunaan bahan ajar, serta aspek kelayakan bahan ajar, yang meliputi kelayakan isi, kelayakan kebahasaan, kelayakan penyajian, dan kelayakan unsur dekoratif bahan ajar.