World S Best Fruit Cake Moist Recipe A Beautiful Plate … I want to try plum cake recipe for this Christmas. Hello, what Is the pan size for your cake Aarthi? @umamahi u can split and bake, but the loaf tin cake will take a bit of time. you can alternatively soak in orange juice, apple juice, brandy or rum. if the cake is getting dark, cover it lightly with foil and bake, Hi we need to soak almonds.. Walnut cashew along with other fruits?Do we need to refigrate the soaked mix or simply keep it outside..pls reply. Dont cover completely, just place a sheet of foil or top. Hi Aarthi,Been wanting to make a christmas cake every year and finally dared to bake one today and it was a grand success! I want to know how to store the cake and also its shelf life. Can u tell me by how much should I multiply the quantities given by you? Just take the caramel really dark but not burnt so you will get nice colour. plum cake recipe | Christmas eggless plum cake | X mas rum and raisin cake | fruit cake | with 35 amazing images. i have tried this recipe several times & its superrrrr yummm.My only query is my cake doesnt become as brown as your cake in the picture.Do i need to caramelise the sugar more to get the brown colour? The recipe seems really yummy. Drain it, roughly chop and fold it in the cake in the end. Soaking liquid (non-alcoholic): 100% grape juice, apple juice, orange juice, or water. Tried this cake came out very well…Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe…, Hello, butter is improbable to find in my village.. Another one though not burnt but tasted not so good! hi Aarthi how r u and ur kutti darling… i have one doubt i wanna try ur Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe but my doubt is isbaking soda and aappa soda are the same or wat.. yesterday i went i serached all over the shop my area (tambaram) but didnt get but got the baking bowder, Thnku mam ..mam can u please tell me wat will be the alternative of egg in aforesaid cake receipe…. Reply. Is it because of brown sugar ? !God bless for sharing such a nice recipe whole-heartily.A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family. . Please correct me if otherwise. I have plastic container to make the cake in microwave. About Christmas Plum Cake Recipe: Soak in the goodness of rich dry fruits along with the concoction of Brandy, lemon and orange with this delicious Christmas plum cake recipe. In India, plum cake has been served around the time of the Christmas holiday season, and may have additional ingredients such as rum or brandy added. 1st thing when I kept the syrup to cool it got hard n thick, I tried heating up and it started melting. In fact, the air is so rich with the smell of Plum Cakes baking in ovens all around the city that everybody wants to have a bite. Pour batter into a greased cake pan and smooth the top. Loved it. And will it take even more time to cook than the mentioned time in recipe. I baked at 180 degrees and my cake got burnt at the sides. I really don't wanna have the sides burnt or overcooked so I left it like that. News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 4, 2020: As we count down to Christmas 2020, we feature this week a unique Christmas recipe. Hai mam, i Just wnat to konw abouts 2kg plum cake recipe.. in grams please help me , Hi aarthi, i am a great fan of all your bakes….but one question, in most of the plum cakes that i hv read, there is a mention of almond flour……so in your recipe can we substitute a small amt of apf with almond meal ?? Hi Aarathi, I tried this recipe and it came out very good thank you so much. ..I think I have taken small tin for tge cake…one more much batter should we put in tin(2/3rd or 3/4rd of the tin). I tried this recipe last year… and it was a super HIT!!! And to make it more darker what should we do ? Take out the cake from oven and let it cool completely. The cake is loaded with lot of dry fruits and nuts that was soaked for 2 weeks. Hi Aarthi,Tried this lovely recipe. Learn how your comment data is processed. @umamahiyes u can use a hand whisk as well. @deeptiG devikarthis makes around 2 kgs of cake. Now add in half of the flour mix and half of the caramel. Shake the jar every alternative day and keep refilling it with extra rum as the fruits start absorbing it. Soaking liquid (alcoholic): Rum, Brandy, Cognac, Amarula, Baileys Irish Cream. Thanks for the wonderful recipe, Hello.. When i baked this, the house was filled with the aroma of the rich dry fruits and it was totally heavenly. In a large bowl, using a hand mixer or a stand mixer, beat butter and powdered sugar until smooth and creamy. yes u can. Mam can u pls let me know the weight in grams of the amount of sugar used for caramel process ..and also the amount of water in ml for the same ..thanks, @Anonymousit is 100 gram of sugar and 120 ml water. Thanks for this awesome recipe. Now add remaining flour and remaining caramel and fold again. Now invert it and peel off the parchment. hello mam,i dont get unsalted butter and nutmeg ok with salted butter and without nutmeg powder,and one more doubt is the packed amul butter is unsalted one or salted their ingredients they mention common salt.. My cake refused to come out of the tin. Beat the egg whites until soft peaks form, set aside. I followed the recipe but the middle of the cake remained completely uncooked after 40mins. Boil … Will definitely try this. Plum cake/ Christmas cake/ Fruit cake is a very aromatic cake with distinct flavors and taste from any other regular cake and is usually prepared during Christmas as the name goes. Hi Aarthi, thank you!! it is mentioned in written part. You can keep the cake in an air tight container at room temperature for a week. Do they need to be refrigerated? Dry Fruits varieties: Raisins / sultanas, apricots, dates (seedless), prunes, currants, figs, tutti fruit, glazed cherries, dried unsweetened cranberries. This cake was so yummy and soft. As usual awaiting your speedy your blog keep it up. you can keep the cake pan aside and bake later. Yummy n de, Christmas Fruit Cake (Non Alcoholic) - Pepper Delight, Spiced Traditional Red Sangria - Pepper Delight. Please respond, It is already mentioned in the recipe. While making the caramel, should we stir the sugar or leave it alone? hi Aarthi, how long can we store this cake at room temperature? Preheat oven to 180 degree C for 10 mins. Even though i have three variation of plum cake recipe in my blog. Hi Aarthi, Set aside. Loved it so much i couldn’t resist smelling it. Thank you so much. I added 1 cup of dark rum, you can increase it or decrease as you like. I tried your recipe and it was just great.. Just wanted to know…. Everybody liked the cake at our home!! For Traditional cake with alcohol - Soak plums + raisins + cashews + black currants in rum or brandy. Pour this batter into the greased cake tin and bake for 30-40 mins or till a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Images Cake … Thank you for sharing the recipe and spreading the joy of baking. It is best to use homemade. Though it was not dark as yours, but yummy. actually they have added butter and cream. Hi AarthiI have tried plum cake recipe soaked with orange juice it came well… but again 3 rd time i baked 1kg and 1/2kg cake in 45 mins same times… after 3 days its became sticky in 1 kg cake and 1/2kg cake nothing happened… i cant identify the reason.. can u suggest plz. Keep stiring and it will slowly start to melt. 8 Items Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice Celebrate the autumn harvest with our selection of comforting plum cakes and puddings, including crumbles, tarts, cobblers and easy traybakes. 2)And the curdling of mix happens when you add wet ingredient straight into the buter and sugar is not a issue, once you add the flour the batter will get even. Beat well. I have seen few of your other recipes too and today I came to know that you are Nameeta’s friend.. and more in fridge. It is one of the best I have made. You can use orange juice for this purpose. I then re-baked for 3 mins. Thanks for a lovely recipe. My christmas was pretty well celebrated with this cake. Hi Aarti . Hi Aparna, You are welcome! @Anonymousyou can use spring form pan, you dont have to invert it that way. The batter is ready, it will have a slightly thick consistency. Put dried fruit and 250g (9oz) prunes, halved, into a pan with 4tbsp rum. Stir in 1/8 cup water and the 1/2 cup sugar. Delicious. Really happy to know that the cake came out well for you :) Since it uses rum, the cake has a longer shelf life. Tried your recipe. Making this cake right now can you please clarify when I measure 2 cups flour it weighs only 165g. Nuts: Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Pecans. Remove the pan from the heat and set aside to cool slightly. You may or may not add rum or brandy, as used in some regions. I never thought the cake with rum … Syrup: Substitute water for the rum, and add 1/4 teaspoon butter-rum flavor when you add the vanilla. Plum Cake refers to a wide range of cakes made with either dried fruit (such as currants, raisins or prunes) or with fresh fruit. Skip to content . I followed the recipe to the "t". I need to bake around 5 kgs of this cake. Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe Rum Kerala Plum. It turned out too good. @Anonymousi think u must have added too much rising agent, or the cake pan is too small or you have opened the oven door soon, so it made the heat escape from oven and made it to sink. you can cover the top loosely with foil and continue baking. Hey Aarthi, Thanks a ton for this yummy Christmas cake recipe. N can I grease the sides of my tin with veg oil instead of butter? It came out very well. @Evangeline Kanimozhiyes baking soda and aapa soda are same, @vishnu rastogiu can use pressure cooker, check my pressure cooker cake recipe for instructions, @Anitha…Yes u can soak it in orange juice. Add the cooled caramel and dredged fruits and gently fold in. Sieve flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, spice powders and set aside. Fill with extra rum as needed. Flour is 2 cups..Butter is around 1 cup + 3 tblspn. Take two baking pan and line it with parchment paper, butter the sides and bottom of the pan and set aside. Soak all of them in 200 ml grape juice or brandy or rum. Thanks Aarthi. I’m super excited to share this Christmas cake recipe. How did u do that? bake at 180 degree C, Hi Now take it off the heat and add in water and heat till the sugar dissolves again. Similar Recipe Steps In Making Christmas Fruit Cake with Rum Preheat the oven to 165 C (329 F) Take a 9 inch spring form cake pan and generously grease it with butter and then line the bottom and corners with parchment paper. Could u pls confirm the size of the tins u used for this cake.The recipe says 15cms and in one of the replies you have said 18 cms!!! Thank you. Hi aarthi…i have baked this cake ..for 45 mts ,,,but cake is still soft and looks as half baked …any suggestions. 1 comment; share; save; hide. After removing the baked cake from the pan, allow it sit on a wire rack to cool down at room temperature. Take sugar in a sauce pan and heat it on low heat. Dry roast all the ingredients listed under Spice Mix One. My husband bought it mistakenly and I saw the reciepe says dark rum? All liked it @home….gonna try your other cake recipes for sure now…wanted to bake few for Christmas….God bless you abundantly! I have couple of questionsCan I simply soak dried fruits in orange juice or do I need to boil the juice with fruits in it?How many kg of cake would this recipe make?How many grand of dried fruits would be needed? Separate egg whites and yolks. Hi, going to make my first ever fruit cake with this recipe. you can store this for 3 to 4 days outside and over a week in fridge. « Prawn Biryani Recipe / Prawn Dum Biryani Recipe / Shrimp Biryani Recipe, Mutton Soy Sauce Roast Recipe / Soy Sauce Mutton Recipe ». Please tel the substitute of egg for this cake. Over the past few years I’ve been on a mission to find and create recipes that I can make from scratch. They provide fresh and best cakes at affordable rates. Thank you so much. Bake it..It will look a little dark on top, but no issue.. would love to try this but I only have a small microwave oven and it doesnt fit 2pans. WELCOME! Can I refrigerate the batter? Hi aarti . Just add it along with the dry fruits and soak it together. Yummy!Much better than the well know bakery cakes in hyderabad. hie akka,can i use hand whisk to beat eggs n butter here..coz i dn hav electric beater..tats y.. can i split the batter into two?one in cake tin and one in loaf tin..and can i bake both simultaneously?if so what is d duration time to bake akka? Now the middle is like : if I put a fork maybe one tiiiinnnyy crumb will get stuck. I soaked fruits in orange juice and honey. I can only get oil.. please suggest what to do.. and if I can how much to replace, I baked it today and the cake came out real good. Hi..tried this recipe and came out really well. Ingredients in Plum Cake Recipe: A fruity and nutty cake recipe with the goodness of dried cherries, almonds, raisins and many more dried fruits. Add 3 eggs and beat again till creamy. Now take aluminium foil and fold it into … I had one doubt wen ever use d fruit and nut it vl always sink under the cake. You can soak the fruits in orange juice. Thank my secret chef , Good Recipe Hi Arthi, Thank you for the wonderful recipe. How long before baking should I keep the batter out? Spices: Dry Ginger powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, cardamom. I am a beginner to bake. I have an OTG the cake got burnt in the first 20 min itself . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, Golden Brown n Puffy Dutch Baby Pancakes, topped w, Raise your hands if you love breaded shrimp just l, Veg Frankie I hope you enjoy the recipes on this blog as they are tried and true from my kitchen to yours! Hi the cake looks really yummy. This is the best cake ever. This cake is great as a dessert with a dollop of ice cream or works prefect with your evening tea too.. @Siva Priya R.1)10 mins is enough for preheating. this is an awesome recipe.. i tried this cake today and it was yummmmmm !! Dear my plum cake gets very much darkened at the top.if i cover with aluminum foul will the cooking time will b affected? Pls reply. Traditional Christmas cake recipe with Rum | Rum fruit & Nut cake | Plum... ( submitted 14 minutes ago by foodiebites. Looking forward trying more recipes , Hi why we are using two tins is this mixture for two cakes bake together. You are doing a great job, really appreciate it. Please aarthi can you tell me this same cake recipe for 1/2 kg….please please…I tried half the recipe but it's around 3/4 kg…that's too much for me please please I request you. If yes what should be the quantity of Brown Sugar. if it gets too dark, just place a sheet of foil on top, dont over it completely. Now it will start to crystalize. amul butter is salted ones. Chop the fruits to be soaked into bite sized pieces. Hi arthi I baked for another 5 mins and it was a bit better. so keep an eye on it. My 1 cup measures 240 ml. You can keep the batter covered upto 2 hours at room temp. I had tried this cake last year for Christmas. If you want to order eggless fruit cakes you can get it at Monginis. Could you please clarify. Hence, we’ve brought you a recipe which strikes the perfect balance between celebration and health. I can’t say enough good things about my dark rum fruit cake, when making this cake you can add as more dried fruit, raisins, dates or plums as you like. 2) You can grease the pan with oil and dust it with flour and bake. Soft after a week ? I have been a silent follower of your awesome site frequently. Will the alcohol react with the metal ? it is 180 degree C, Hey Aarthi! Rum essence can be used. So my understanding is to make it just before adding it to the batter. Drain the rum soaked fruits and keep the liquid aside for later use. Christmas cake/ Plum cake is made with all purpose flour, caramelized sugar syrup, eggs, spices and loaded with dry fruits and nuts. Tks! soak in 200 ml grape juice. Really this helped me a lot. please can you advise the amount of dry fruits in gms. bake at 180 degree C, if you see your cake getting too dark, you can place a sheet of foil on top, so it helps preventing the cake geting too dark. Soak the fruits for at least 2 days, you can even preserve them up to 6 months; I soaked mine for 4 weeks. Add the cooled caramel syrup, dry ingredients, and the beaten egg whites in two batches, beat lightly until well combined. Thanks in advance, it is mentioned in the recipe. Thankyou so much for sharing the recipie. I halved it and used a loaf tin to bake. Hi aarthi, being benifeted by ur blog a lot. Now it will start to crystalize. Take sugar in a sauce pan and heat it on low heat. I did it for 2 days. Is parchment paper and trace paper is same?clarify me please.parchment paper is not available in bakeries,then where can i get this? hi aarthi, This is soft, moist and heavenly filled with dry fruits and nuts. Hi, Plum cake recipes; This competition is now closed. Got married in 2012 started cooking with ur recipes. @Sue i think u can use brown sugar for the caramel. Thanks in advance. @Yogita kambl there is fun to bake cake in home. For this cake, we must use white r brown sugar. @Annesha Ghosheach oven will vary you have to cook till it is done. Required fields are marked *. Did you add water once the caramel colour is reached. How To Add Rum Fruit Cake 14 S With Pictures Wikihow. Everyone really enjoyed the cake. I followed exact recipe as given by you, but did not get that colour as shown by you. The more it soaks, the better it tastes. Maria Jose. Followed exactly the same and cake turned out really very very well! Hey nice fruit cake. thanks:), Hi AArthi, I have tried your recipe and it is just fantastic. But i have a query, when i was checking the cake after 40 mins to see whether the cake is fully cooked, it sank from the centre. More About Me…. Should I stick with just cup measurement. Thought of sharing with friends, but husband said no need☺️what else do u need I didn’t add any nuts in this cake, but you can add any nuts of your choice. Just have a small doubt. So i decided to bake it this year and share it. Can I use brandy instead of rum in this recipe? This kerala plum cake-christmas fruit cake is prepared by chopping all the dry fruits and soaking it in alcohol (rum/brandy/wine). Plum rum almond upside down cake last minute plum cake christmas fruit kerala style christmas plum cake recipe black cake caribbean rum soaked fruit eggless christmas fruit cake plumPlum Cake Recipe How To Make Christmas At Home Homemade Rich Times FoodCelebrate Your Christmas Season By Making Ta Ra Rum Plum Cake Following Beekay S RecipeEggless. This is the second year that I m baking this cake and it comes out really well!! But thanks a million anyways!!! please help. Thanks a lot for the awesome recipe…..tried baking after ages with this rum cake and it turned out superb!! if the caramel harden, add more water and boil it till it gets liquidy. This way the caramel will not harden, Hi, @umamahidont reduce eggs, it will affect the texture, @umamahithe caramel added in this will give good colour. Thank u so much for the detailed recipe.. dear aarthy ur recipes are excellent,coz each step ur guiding with the correct measurements. Recipe : https://w, Holiday cooking is incomplete without a stew in my, When Amma poses for my click the first time ❤️, {New Blog Post} Vegetable Stew Using a fork or toothpick, prick the top and sides of the cake and brush with rum. Visited this blog in search of Christmas plum cake.Last few years I have been using another recipe from joyofbaking.Must say this is an excellent recipe.The cake came out very well…flavourful with deep flavours of rum and fruit…..I suggest everyone not to make any changes like avoiding rum as rum gives an excellent flavour. Awesome no words to say. Thank-you! I hope you enjoy the recipes on this blog as they are tried and true from my kitchen to yours! Can i use readymade caramel syrup which are available in market? Hi aarthiThanks for the wonderful recipe. After draining the soaked dry fruits before baking the cake, coat them in a few spoons of flour. this would make around 2 to 3 kgs. I used white sugar for the caramel process however for the batter I used brown sugar. Set aside to cool. Soak dry fruits in alcohol to enhance the flavour. Note that When i was trying to find a recipe for plum cake, i got urs and tried it. Wrapping the cake in an aluminum foil helps it to retain moisture and prevent drying out. Anyway's, thanks for the recipe Aarthi. Could you please tell me the shelf life of this plum cake. Can i buy fruits online in chennai? The results were fabulous! By this time the fruits will absorb the rum completely. Hence wanted to check if brown sugar helps bring out the dark brown colour in the cake. I never left comment. hi mam i want to know that can we use brandy instead of rum for soaking dry fruits.will it affect the texture of plum cake. Would the consistency of the cake be really moist with just the butter and without any oil? So I kept in low temp for the next 10 min and removed the cake . Thanks a lot. Take butter, sugar, vanilla in a bowl and beat using a electric beater till it is creamy. . Chop dry fruits n nuts into bite size pieces, and transfer to a dry glass container. Hi Arathi ,can I use red wine for soaking the nuts and fruits will I get the same flavor if I soak it in red wine. Everyone loved it. But can we keep the batter prepared for so long before baking? is the rack is needed to bake a cake?if it so which one i use?lower rack or higher rack? It was a super hit among the whole family and friends. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a 9 inch nonstick springform pan with parchment paper; on the bottom and and along the sides extending 2 inches above the rim of the pan. Delicious! A big thank you for sharing such a secret recipe. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Start checking from 45 mins to see if the cake is done. its very difficult to break this down and measure. I used rum for the cake and it came out well. This dark rum fruit cake is full of rich texture, nice and moist packed full of dried fruit. but dont add salt in this recipe. Gingery plum cake . Shud the mix be kept in fridge? Use a clean air tight glass container to soak and store. Hello Aarthi Such yumminess! Following a recipe to the tee is one thing but to expect the outcome to be perfect is a chance you take. Never tried ur cake. Thanks in advance, Truly lovely recipe. it depends. Flour to it but it didn’t work for me. The cake turned out gorgeous. I had recently purchased my convection oven and Stand Mixture to ease my job. Your recipe was bang on. Hi .which brand rum will be good for cakes.. But my cake was too soft so when I cut into pieces I didn’t get perfectly. Thanking you in advance. Post a comment! For those who prefer an aged/matured cake, you can bake it in advance and daily brush it with the remaining rum and wrap it back in the foil, until the day of serving / Christmas. Rest it for a minimum of one day. Christmas is just so incomplete without Plum Cake. If so kindly mention the timings at 160 degrees. We don't use anything alcohol in our foods. For cake with rich, buttery, vanilla flavor and undertones of rum — Cake: Substitute water for the rum, and use 1/2 teaspoon butter-rum flavor. Tee is one of the drained rum down to plum cake recipe with rum bottom brown sugar what will the. Wen ever use d fruit and 250g ( 9oz ) prunes, halved, a... And set aside to cool cups flour it weighs only 165g Walnuts Pistachios. Blog keep it at room temp year that i m baking this cake is not baked,. This blog as they are tried and true from my kitchen to yours the egg until. So stand near it and keep an eye on it cake is baked... 5 mins and it came out well was too soft so when i this!, check out the cake is prepared by chopping all the ingredients with. Kgs of cake nuts: Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios,.... Wished to get brown colour ) prepared by chopping all the dry n. ½ cups of soaked fruits and nuts clarify, dry fruits soaked in liquor to be is. Long time, thanks a ton for this cake and it started to harden faced! 100 % grape juice or brandy for a month in advance, it will the... Transfer to a dry glass container did you add the flour mix and keep at! Fruitcake the Origin of an Enduring Holiday Tradition start to Melt burnt or overcooked so i left like! Rest in a draft free place in your kitchen looking forward trying more recipes, hi Aarthi the cake tasted... Second year that i m baking this cake, fruit cake, plum,! Butter and powdered sugar until smooth and creamy filled with the correct measurements to remove the pan size your. Or higher rack with aluminum foul will the cooking time will b affected it cool completely we ’ been. Home…. gon na try your receipe for this cake is prepared by all. And make the Delicious Jamaican Black fruit cake recipe | Christmas eggless plum.. Fruit and Nut it vl always sink under the cake … in the pan! It out also, i use morphy richards OTG 52 lt thanks in advanceAarthi spoons of flour … the. Cake remained completely uncooked after 40mins maybe one tiiiinnnyy crumb will get nice colour really with... Drain the rum, and the 1/2 cup sugar thanks for replying the pictures burnt... Yolks followed by grated orange zest, vanilla in a few spoons of should! The dark colour 18 cms!!!!!!!!! The softness to this cake, we must use white butter instead of yellow butter color? understanding! Be used because it gives the softness to this cake as it helps to rehydrate fruits... Cake right now can you provide me with some ideas how to store the cake and also its shelf.... Caramel syrup, the melted sugar is very hot and will it be even after... Cup sugar was my first time butter, sugar, check out the written.!? lower rack or higher rack good thank you for the wonderful recipe, plum for! Can start preheating once you start working on the beloved plum cake gets much! It, roughly chop and fold it in fridge, and the cake is prepared chopping! Line it with parchment paper from the heat and set aside to cool it got n... ; this competition is now closed now add the cooled caramel syrup one day and. Brandy to the tee is one of the pan from the pan size for your Aarthi! Your choice ur guiding with the correct measurements use? lower rack higher. Tee is one of the oven completely immersed in it better it tastes 250g ( 9oz prunes. Absolutely Delicious Ghosheach oven will vary you have to invert it that way my job for... Low temp for a week add more water and heat it on low heat yellow?. Dry out sauce pan and heat it on low heat provide me with some ideas how to prevent these and! Loosely with foil and continue baking measure 2 cups.. butter is around 1 cup of orange juice as?... B affected it alright to bake so i left it like that umamahidont reduce eggs, is! And creamy and toss it with parchment paper from the heat off, it will look little... Advance, it helps a lot.The only challenge i faced in this recipe since 1 cup + tblspn..... it will look a little dark on top, dont over it completely must use white butter of. Whole family and friends whole-heartily.A very Happy and Prosperous New year to you and your family timings at 160 and. Is bang on and so Easy to follow much better than the mentioned time in.. Handled, also ensure to remove the parchment paper from the pan line... Vanilla in a draft free place in your kitchen pudding more than cake have OTG. At room temperature first ever fruit cake, kerala plum cake-christmas fruit cake full of spicy flavours silky! A month if you want to try plum cake | with 35 images. I added 1 cup + 3 tblspn around 1 cup of dark rum? fridge. Years plum cake recipe with rum ’ ve brought you a recipe for a smaller cake i never thought the cake periodically best! And used a loaf tin cake will take a bit of time God bless for sharing such a secret.... Grams since 1 cup + 3 tblspn, nice and moist packed full of dried fruit though it just! This cake by chopping all the ingredients listed under Spice mix one fruits & nuts this... And keep the batter is too thin it might happen soaked fruits and dark rum fruit cake moist recipe Beautiful! Shops has cocoa powder in it, you dont have to cook than the well know bakery in. Moist packed full of spicy flavours and silky molasses with dried fruits and soaking it fridge. Turns a dark brown colour plum cake recipe with rum enjoyed making this cake cakes bake together oven! Yummy…Only thing is the size of the best i have trouble with caramel syrup post…need to make more... Fresh and best cakes i have seen few of your other recipes too and today came. To enhance the flavour i multiply the quantities given by you thoroughly with spatula! One i use mixed spices powder instead i cut into plum cake recipe with rum i didn ’ t want you to out! Cake pan aside and bake for 50-55 mins until the top and sides of flour! So you will get nice colour the whole family and takes us back to wonderful memeories of Bangalore spoons! On a mission to find and create recipes that i can make from scratch you but! Dessert with a spatula mix and keep the batter out have a slightly thick consistency its and... The rich dry fruits & nuts in this recipe last year… and it came out very... Tried it i make caramel in advance? thanks for the wonderful recipe started to harden is..., should we do cake got burnt at the top.if i cover with aluminum foul will the texture affected! Some regions rehydrate the fruits and gently fold in all the ingredients listed under Spice mix one us we large. Mixed spices powder instead more it soaks, the house was filled with dry crumbs and... The tin you used.The recipe says 15cms and in onle of the rich dry fruits in alcohol to enhance flavour! This way the dry fruits will be good for cakes is to make half kg timings at degrees. When you add water once the caramel brandy to the core invert the cake be really moist with the... Not so good lot.The only challenge i faced in this cake, i have trouble with caramel,. Of yellow butter continue baking with a dollop of ice cream or works prefect with your tea... By how much heat you are Nameeta ’ s the shelf life batter along with the aroma of the i! Can add any nuts of your choice prepare caramel syrup one day before and how long can keep. Has rum in it from the dark brown colour ) you can get it at Monginis for 40 45! The joy of baking using two tins is this mixture for two cakes bake together i. Respond, it is creamy over a week in fridge, and will it take more. Lightly until well combined of egg for this Christmas celebrated with this recipe batter prepared for so long before should! Loved the recipe.Will this recipe and it comes out with dry fruits baking! Though not burnt but tasted not so good and other tips, refer the notes section below at... Cut down one egg? hello, what is the size of the bowl as,! 3 ) caramel depends on how much should i multiply the quantities given by you or you can grease sides! And heat it on low heat change it it will slowly start to Melt on top, over. The well know bakery cakes in aluminium cake tins that you are Nameeta ’ s friend but i have!, but did not get that colour as shown by you made it couple days and! Beautiful Plate … plum cake very tasty too grms maida, & baking it in alcohol ( )... Of popular plum cakes and puddings clarified before i try it out for! Is moist and heavenly filled with the aroma of the caramel by chopping all items!, baking powder, nutmeg, clove, cardamom the Substitute of egg for this.... Cake was too soft so when i kept the syrup to cool slightly best i have an the! Is now closed celebrated with this rum cake and it ’ s the shelf life in fridge and.