Character information After Walt allows Jane to die from a heroin overdose, Saul dispatches Mike to clean Jesse's apartment. Mike tells Walt they're selling every last gallon to a man he knows. Thanks to Saul's distraction, Mike succeeds in killing the remaining gang member, but the man crashes his truck in the process, keeping Saul and Mike from being able to use his vehicle to return to civilization. With time running out, and the junkyard about to close, Mike sells the car to the owner, and calls himself a cab to return home, when his eyes come upon a stack of replacement gas caps. Walt is offended and lies that he did not kill Mike and begs Jesse to believe him ("Blood Money"). Eventually, it looks like Hank has won as he arrests Walt, but Uncle Jack and his men soon arrive with a lot more firepower. The detectives, taken off guard by the outrageous story, believe Jimmy. Mike, intending to flee, asks Saul to retrieve his go bag. ("Bullet Points"). ("Expenses"), Mike, using information he gained from Nacho, tracks down the body of the Good Samaritan that Hector shot and anonymously reports the discovery to the police. He met Marie in high school and asked her out repeatedly until she finally agreed. Finding myself awake at three in the morning. Identifying himself as a security consultant to the officer manager, he lists all the potential security breaches he found and tells the manager to contact Lydia. Mike ultimately decides against doing the hit, as he realizes that Tuco's death would draw the attention of the Mexican drug cartel. Werner's death forces Gus to halt construction of the lab. Nacho is offended realizing that Mike was trying to draw police attention to Hector's operation. In 2012, he received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for his role in Breaking Bad. In 2016, he received a Satellite Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or Television Film and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. I'm so excited, first two with many … In a flashback to before they announced their decision to quit Vamonos Pest, ("Buyout") Mike and Jesse discuss what they will do their money with Mike telling Jesse he plans to do the same thing he's done with all of his other money with his cut. He later assisted Gus in turning Jesse against Walt by giving Jesse more responsibilities and respect. Ensuring his wife is spared, Werner accepts his fate and Mike executes him. Meanwhile, Mike learns through the bugs that the DEA has a search warrant for his house. The next day, Mike, Gus, and Gale Boetticher visit the excavation. ("Fifi"). With Mike turning her down, she approaches Chris Mara, who agrees to do it for $10,000 per victim (triple for Mike). Despite knowing that there was no gunfire (and the hole in the siding is just wear and tear), Mike tells her what she wants to hear—that he will help her get out of the neighborhood. After injuring himself on a cactus, Saul collapses and refuses to go further despite Mike's insistence. Mike and Jesse accompany Gus to Mexico where Jesse will teach the cartel chemist how to cook Blue Sky. Back at the warehouse, Werner apologizes for talking and promises that it will not happen again. In 2019, he received another Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. ... RELATED: Breaking Bad: Hank's 10 Most Memorable Quotes. ("Madrigal"). Mike says. Mike says if he was younger, he would go to Alaska, an idea Jesse finds appealing. However, no drop-off is made that Jimmy can see. His actor, Jonathan Banks, is one of very few cast members to not have a twitter account. Quickly returning to his junked car, he removes the gas cap and inspects it. Mike has Jimmy pose as a customer to observe what the driver does inside the building. Eventually, the group is introduced to Ira, Todd Alquist, and their team at Vamanos Pest. At the Los Pollos Hermanos Factory Farm, Gus accuses Mike of being aware of Nacho's plot against Hector. Mike refuses, insisting that Walt is a time bomb waiting to explode. Saul eventually resorts to dragging the bags, ripping one and causing some of the money to spill out. Why would Gus Fring send the Cousins, Marco and Leonel Salamanca, after Hank Schrader and then foil their attempt in Breaking Bad season 3's One Minute episode? Gus is adamant that Werner die; Mike allows him to contact his wife and tell her to return to Germany. "Say My Name" (alive) "Gliding Over All" (corpse) A gang with whom Mike had a previous altercation beats and stabs him. ("Wiedersehen"), At the warehouse, Mike organizes a manhunt for Werner and finds out where his wife wired money to. Rather than kill Tuco, Mike engineers a public altercation so that Tuco is sentenced to prison for assault. Mike does overnight surveillance without Stacey's knowledge to investigate the gunshots. After listening to Jesse demand that Mike tell him what they're doing and why, Mike abruptly pulls the car over and angrily brings up the loss of Victor and his cluelessness as to why Jesse was ordered to come along. Mike used to be a cop, theres a huge difference in killing some mexican drug lords and junkie meth-heads and killing a DEA agent. ("Witness"). Mike asks Victor if he was seen by witnesses and Victor admitts that he was seen, but "just [as] another looky-loo." They seize the accounts, making it likely that Gus's former employees will reveal Mike, Jesse, and Walt to the police. Jesse notices another vehicle arriving to block the alleyway while another man approaches Mike's car with a shotgun. Some days later, another Los Pollos Hermanos truck is attacked by a different group of gunmen. Jimmy and Mike make their way to a truck stop, where Tyrus and Victor pick them up. Mike explains that he continues on because he has people he cares about and protects, people who know nothing about what Mike is doing and who will be safe with a better life if he dies. "[9] Alan Sepinwall of HitFix thought the episode was "a mostly tremendous episode of a drama", adding the death of Mike "is just a gorgeous, devastating scene", but he was unimpressed by the plotting that led to Mike showing any trust for Walt in that situation, writing that it was a contrived way to ensure that Walt would be in a position to kill Mike per the requirements of the overall show story. Mike gets fed up with the DEA following him, and convinces Jesse to give in and have a buyout. Because Mike bruised Walt's ego and pride when he told Walt how he really felt about him and that all the disasters that occurred since Walt killed Gus are Walt's fault in addition to not giving Walt the names of Gus' associates in prison. Mike informs Gus that Lalo is en route to his home in Chihuahua and Nacho is with him. Breaking Bad: Mike Ehrmantraut vs Hank Schrader. ("Talk"), In Denver, Colorado, Mike meets a Frenchman in a wooded section of the Rocky Mountains. 60-64 ("Uno")65-69 ("Say My Name") Using Mike's Chrysler, Jesse rams the other vehicle and escapes, leaving Mike behind, but also leading away the pursuers. Gus's objective has been to make Jesse believe he is a 'hero' and that Mike now owes Jesse (though Mike does seem puzzled about the logic of Gus's ultimate plan) ("Shotgun"). Breaking Bad est une série télévisée américaine en 62 épisodes de 47 minutes créée par Vince Gilligan.. Après l'arrêt de la série, deux projets sont arrivés, une série dérivée intitulée Better Call Saul (diffusée depuis 2015) se déroulant avant la série et le film El Camino : Un film Breaking Bad (sorti en 2019) se déroulant après la série. Mike is recuperating at the temporary medical facility in Mexico. ("Sunk Costs") Gus sends payment to Mike for his services, but Mike refuses to accept it. By time of Breaking Bad, Mike still works for Gus, and does occasional work for Jimmy, who continues practicing law under the name Saul Goodman. Mike removes all traces of the drugs and provides Jesse advice that enables him to avoid incriminating himself when speaking to police after Mike leaves. The videos feature a mix of live-action footage of Banks portraying Mike in providing training to new security employees of Madrigal and animated segments. Walt begs for his life and offers up Jesse in exchange. Walt tricks Mike into looking for Jesse in the wrong place, giving Walt time to meet Jesse and tell him to find Gale's address. Mike was tracking Jimmy for Gus, and kills all but one of the attackers, who escapes. Afterward, Jack and Kenny visit the bathroom, where Jack notices and nonchalantly wipes conside… Michael Ehrmantraut (/ˈɜːrməntraʊt/)[1] is a fictional character in Breaking Bad and its spinoff prequel Better Call Saul,[2] played by Jonathan Banks. Gray Matter. Realizing his cover has been blown, Mike drives off at breakneck speed to clear the area. Continue this thread level 1. After another Los Pollos Hermanos truck is robbed and the meth stolen, Jesse aids Mike in retrieving it. The incident sparks a confrontation between Casper and Kai that Mike is forced to break up. Hearing on the tape that Walt plans to visit Ted Beneke at his office, Saul sends Mike to stop him. Mike Ehrmantraut : “The moral of the story is…I chose a half measure, when I should have gone all the way. Mike meets Gus at the burned down Los Pollos Hermanos, Los Lunas restaurant and informs him that Lalo and Nacho went to Lalo's Chihuahua home. Mike reacts with disgust at Gus's seeming lack of compassion for Werner and refuses Gus' offer to continue paying him during the delay. Gus drank some of the poison himself and is severely weakened despite his effort to vomit it all out. He manages to give him the slip at a parking lot. Later, on Gus's orders, the Cousins attack Hank, but the attack fails as Gus arranges for Hank to be tipped off one minute before the shooting. Todd stays with the group, but Mike shoves him to the wall and threatens him. Mike refuses the offer. Mike is given ample blood transfusions, stitched up, but has to stay in Mexico for at least a week to recuperate while Gus and Jesse return to the States. [7] In a discussion that takes place shortly before Mike and Jesse leave Walt's meth business, Jesse asks Mike where he would go if he could start over. Better Call Saul S01E10 - Ending Scene - Full HD, Better Call Saul Pimento - Trevor Vs Mike. For thirty years, Mike was employed at the Philadelphia Police Department as a beat cop, frequently having to deal with situations such as break-ins and domestic disputes. Unlike with Walt, Mike got along well with Jesse Pinkman and appeared to care about the young man a great deal, though he didn't hesitate to threaten him earlier in their acquaintance under Gus' orders. Walt angered, sarcastically tells Mike "You're welcome". Matt's partner and another officer killed Matt because his hesitation caused them to think he might turn them in. Mike pauses, as Hank explains that Gus had about a dozen offshore bank accounts in the names of various employees on his payroll, including the manager of the laundry facility, various employees at the Los Pollos distribution center, the owner of a chemical warehouse, and many others, all of whom Hank believes were getting paid off the books. Returning to the bar where he left Werner, Mike finds him drunkenly talking about the excavation project with another patron and then drives him away. Although Mike doesn't seem to feel even a bit conflicted about the crimes he commits, he also isn't terribly interested in gratuitous cruelty or shooting his way to the top of the meth lord food chain - he just does what's necessary to keep himself and his boss safe, with a minimum of ego-tripping and drama. Angered about the death of two of his own men, Mike goes after Lydia, ambushing her in her home, where she lives alone with her five-year old daughter. In the eleventh episode of season five, Jesse lands himself in jail, and Hank interrogates him. At the group therapy sessions, Mike confronts another attendee over his lies, which causes a temporary rift between Stacey and Mike. Mike talks to Saul, and upon returning to find the methylamine gone, he goes into the room, sees Jesse and Walt, puts Walt at gunpoint, only listening to Jesse saying, "He's got a plan, it works for all of us." Later, when Jesse meets with Lydia to retrieve a barrel of methylamine, the two discover a GPS tracking device planted on the exterior bottom of the barrel. Mike explains to Hank and Gomez that he worked for Los Pollos Hermanos as the head of corporate security. Gus asks for his aid against the Salamancas because Mike understands Gus' need for revenge. Mike arranges for structural engineers to secretly visit and assess the site while Gus silently observes. He learns that two of Gus's local drug dealers were responsible for the death of his friend Combo and Tomás, the younger brother of Jesse's girlfriend Andrea. Gus then anonymously warns Hank, who is able to fight back. He relates that at one point, he had to deal with a domestic dispute issue between a husband and wife. Gus asks for his aid against the Salamancas because Mike understands Gus' need for revenge. "ABQ" A memorable clip from Breaking Bad - Season 3: Episode 7, 'One Minute'BreakingBadPremium The two notice the surviving guy nearby searching for them, meaning that he found Saul's car. Gus agrees, warning Mike that the process will be difficult, and both men shake hands. Daniel goes on to deal with Nacho alone. Walt correctly fears that once Gale knows enough to take over, Gus will have Walt and Jesse killed. He had extensive knowledge of how to operate on both sides of the law without detection. Walt and Jesse agree to go on without Mike. Mike catches up to Werner and realizes that he has inadvertently revealed the existence of a construction project to Hector's nephew Lalo Salamanca, who has arrived to take over management of the Salamanca drug business. He then takes Walt home where Walt has demanded all recording equipment be removed from his home. Walt’s history with Gray Matter provides the context for his disturbing lust for power. Upon being informed of Gus's death, Mike angrily leaves the facility to return to New Mexico, intent on killing Walt in retribution. Mike's first paycheck from Madrigal arrives, and it is over $10,000. When a little bit of trouble happens, he urges Walt, Jesse, and Todd to abort the mission, but, Walt being Walt, gives in a fight and denies giving up. Uncle FesterPop PopDave Clarke Gus tells Mike he sent gunmen to kill Lalo and says Nacho might be able to help. A few days later, Daniel's house is burglarized by Nacho. Mike Ehrmantraut Best Moments (BREAKING BAD Tribute Video) - … Mike and Gus examine the gunmen's passports, and conclude that the cartel are probing for weaknesses in Gus's operation. Mike secretly points police to Lalo's car and its ties to the murder of Fred the money wire clerk, which causes Lalo's arrest. ... Hank connects Mike to the blue meth and begins pressing several of his associates, who are now in prison, to give information on the blue meth operation. Jesse Bruce Pinkman was born in September 1984 into an upper middle-class family in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hank Schrader is Walt's DEA agent brother-in-law. The two continue on, eventually stopping for the night. He is a poorstudentof chemistry teacher Walter White, and a disappointment to his parents. Before fleeing however, he would be unnecessarily shot by Walt after Mike brutally insulted him over creating the circumstances that led to his own downfall, and would thus die without leaving his beloved family any money earned from his long career as a professional criminal. —— He is the deuteragonist of Breaking Bad, one of the four tritagonists of Breaking Bad: Original Minisodes, and the main protagonist of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Werner's inspection is much more thorough and talks about the logistical challenges of the excavation without alerting anyone above. In response, Hector begins harassing Mike into reconsidering, first by having men break into his house to scare him. In this sense, Mike is the true polar opposite of Walter White due to the fact that Walt commits crime purely to fuel his own ego and attain power and he justifies it all as solely providing for and protecting his loved ones, which is in reality a thinly veiled excuse. Lydia Rodarte-Quayle informs him the consulting contract was supposed to be a paper transaction, but Mike argues that his inspections provide plausible cover if anyone questions the payments. After briefly arguing over how to get into the house, Jesse begins digging a hole in the front lawn, luring out one of the tweakers. Mike has no weapon, but remains calm and controlled. Mike is then drawn away from his position by the sound of his car horn going off. He notes the sloppiness of a GPS tracking device planted on the exterior ("even by cop standards") and suspects Lydia herself planted the device in an effort to end their business dealings. ("Gloves Off"), Mike and Nacho's orchestrated takedown of Tuco does not come without consequences. Kim tells Lalo that passersby probably shot at the car for fun and berates him for not trusting Jimmy. Mike joins Walt and Jesse in a new organization, with Jesse and Walt producing meth in a mobile lab operated inside the tented homes of a fumigation company's customers. Status Mike was born sometime in the 1940s. Mike and Hank have a lot in common: Mike used to be a beat cop, while Hank was a DEA agent. Jesse kills Gale. Gaff opens fire on them while they're moving evidence over to a truck, killing one of Mike's men, but Mike manages to save Jesse's life ("Bug"). At work the following day, Mike receives a call from Stacey, who still believes she heard gunfire, and points out a hole in her siding that she tearfully insists is from a bullet. Nacho subsequently destroys the Hummer at a chop shop and splits $60,000 with Mike from reselling the parts. Matt's partner and another officer killed Matt because his hesitation caused them to think he might turn them in. Matt was approached by other corrupt officers and asked Mike for advice; Mike advised Matt that not taking the money would label him a whistleblower, and endanger his life and family, so Matt took it. This line spoken casually to Walt and company during the pilot ends up being significant in a number of ways. We want Breaking Bad to maintain a degree of seriousness, and that’s also why we don’t really like the running ‘breakfast’ joke with Walt Jr. Due to his past as a cop and soldier, Mike is a highly proficient killer and will kill whoever is a threat to him or his employer's interests as he single handily killed numerous Cartel assassins during the war between them and Gus. The vet points out to Mike that if he wants "next level pay", he must be willing to do "next level work." Paul reprised the role for the 2019 spin-off film El Camino: A Breaking Bad … Walt lies to Todd and claims that Mike's death was necessary and had to be done to which Todd doesn't question. Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He also mentions that he specializes in tracking individuals down, no matter where they are in the world. Mike is a former Philadelphia police officer who works for Gus Fring—and, on occasion, Saul Goodman—as a private investigator, head of security, cleaner, and hitman. Additionally, Gus reveals that he stopped Mike from killing Hector because "a bullet to the head would have been far too humane." But neither listen. On one of his "muscle" jobs, Mike is employed by Daniel Wormald ("Pryce") to protect him during a drug deal with Nacho Varga. Mike finally arrives at Werner's location, but not before Werner lets slip information about the excavation to Lalo, who was posing as one of Gus's men during a phone call. Mike tells him he's not allowed to know this information, but still reveals that Lalo will be killed that night ("Something Unforgivable"). After the next cook, Mike is suddenly told that he and Victor must kill Walt. While Mike and Werner discuss blasting a section, Casper backs a front-loader into one of the support columns. He tells Stacey that his new job has more flexible hours, allowing him to pick up Kaylee on a regular basis. Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut was a former corrupt police officer who, after being forced to leave the police department, used his connections in the criminal underworld to eventually become Gustavo Fring's right-hand man. His corpse is briefly seen in Walter's trunk while Todd and Walt prepare to dispose of it. Mike keeps Lalo in his sights as he departs the apartment and leaves with Nacho for an unknown destination in Mexico. You're now a criminal. After Walt questions him, Jesse claims he did it because Kaylee needs someone looking after her and correctly deduces that Mike is dead and that Walt knows that. But while some characters stayed too long, others like Mike Erhmantraut should have seen the end. Saul is somewhat disgruntled that Mike is the only person he can talk to about everything he has gone through and expresses anger that Lalo will get away with the murder of Fred Whalen. His career was mired in corruption, with his fellow officers pressuring him into accepting bribes and participate in protection rackets. Walt begins to apologize, but Mike stops him, saying "shut the fuck up, and let me die in peace", before collapsing and dying by the riverbank.[6]. While Mike is recovering, Walt engineers Gus's death, after which he and Jesse destroy the meth lab. ("Live Free or Die"). He becomes alienated from his family when he loses his temper with Kaylee, which leads Stacey to ask Mike to keep his distance. It is possible he has a history in special operations or intelligence agencies, as he has extensive knowledge of surveillance equipment and is well trained in stealth tactics. Two gunmen force the truck off the road. hide . 2048x1049 TV Show Breaking Bad darkness. Jesse Pinkman is the overall main protagonist of the Breaking Bad franchise. His guilt over "breaking" his son motivated Mike to redeem himself by earning money through illegal means for his remaining family members. For the German football defender, see, Fictional character in the television drama series, Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or Television Film, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series, "Better Call Saul reveals the tortured origin of Mike Ehrmantraut", "Q&A – Jonathan Banks (Mike "The Cleaner")", "Jonathan Banks Confirms 'El Camino' Role", "Review: 'Breaking Bad' - 'Say My Name': I like Mike", "Screen Actors Guild Awards 2012: Full list of nominees", "Critics' Choice TV Awards 2013: Complete list of nominees", "Los Angeles Times — We are currently unavailable in your region", "Win or lose, Jonathan Banks is amped for the Emmys: 'Hell, it's a great meal, "The Surreal, Comforting Pleasures of the 'Better Call Saul' YouTube Videos", "Emmys: 'State of the Union,' 'Special' Score Surprise Noms After 'Saul' Shortform Disqualification",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Parking attendant with SMQ Parking at Albuquerque courthouse, Security consultant for Madrigal Electromotive, This page was last edited on 9 December 2020, at 07:55. The episode is recognized by many television critics as one of the best in the series, with TV Fanatic's Matt Richenthal giving "Say My Name" a five-star rating, and calling it "one of the best in series history. Gus keeps Walt on, but requires that he work with Gale again. Walt realizes he could have just asked Lydia for the names, tries to apologize to Mike, but Mike merely replies "Shut the fuck up, and let me die in peace." Date of birth 200 Breaking Bad HD Wallpapers and Background Images. It's heavily implied that Mike is the middleman between Saul and Gus; as Saul says he "knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy [Gus]" ("Mandala"). This greatly unsettles Mike. Instead, Walt tells Jesse to kill Gale so that Gus will have to keep them alive to continue meth production. Outside a diner in Arizona, Todd Alquist leaves Walter White a voice message about the recent change of management from Declan and requesting Walt return his call. Images (417) / Videos (8). ("Something Stupid"), Mike takes Werner and his workers to a strip club to relax. - Wallpaper Abyss Walt tries to pacify Jesse and have him be his cooking partner. Mike calls Gus to inform him of Gale's murder. Investigating further, they find a hidden compartment in the wall behind Daniel's couch, apparently found and emptied by Nacho. Mike was born sometime in the 1940s. Mike in one of Jesse's flashbacks in El Camino. Walt approaches him carefully and takes his pistol out of his hand to which Mike does not interfere. After continuing their arduous journey for awhile, Saul finally gets a signal and calls Kim. ("Coushatta"), Mike oversees the blasting of a rock obstructing the excavation, noticing that when Werner fixes a faulty circuit he appears to have an anxiety attack. I don't know if Mike would kill Hank. But if you make a deal with somebody, you keep your word. Mike then disposes of the syringe in a nearby garbage can, unnoticed by Walt and Steven Gomez ("I See You"). Hank believes the offshore account in Kaylee's name is actually for Mike. Mike snaps that he doesn't owe Walt a damn thing and that them falling apart is all his fault. While Daniel is distracted, Nacho secretly learns of his home address from the car registration in the Hummer's glove compartment. Knowing he was recognized at Gale's house, and hoping to demonstrate that he can still be useful to Gus, Victor begins producing a batch of meth, revealing that he has learned the process by watching Walt and Jesse. Mike pauses, as Hank explains that Gus had about a dozen offshore bank accounts in the names of various employees on his payroll, including the manager of the laundry facility, various employees at the Los Pollos distribution center, the owner of a chemical warehouse, and many others, all of whom Hank believes were getting paid off the books. Mike realizes it's a trap and manages to take Chris by surprise, disarming him. In his off-hours he engages in security and "muscle" jobs to help support Stacey and Kaylee. Jesse Bruce Pinkman is a fictional character in the television series Breaking Bad, played by Aaron Paul.He is a crystal meth cook and dealer, and works with his former high school chemistry teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in a meth operation.Jesse is the only character besides Walt to appear in every episode of the show. “Hello, Western Union, message received!” Walter announces theatrically to the world at large. I've known good criminals and bad cops. When his son Matt joined the force, and faced similar peer pressure, Mike was forced to persuade his son to go along with the corruption. A few days later, Mike pays Walt a visit at his home, calling it a "professional courtesy", as Walt wants to get Jesse arrested on a misdemeanor charge and temporarily placed in a minimum security jail, so that Jesse won't go after the drug dealers who orchestrated Combo's murder. Mike increases security at the lab, including installing video cameras and personally standing watch over Walt and Jesse while they work. Mike subsequently reports on the misadventure to Gus, suggesting that the gang was Columbian based on his past experiences. Underneath the Lavandería Brillante, the Frenchman conducts a cursory evaluation and believes that he can excavate a new basement in at least six months. Age Gus later learns from Juan Bolsa that Leonel survived the attack, and furthermore learns that Bolsa is aware that Gus authorized the hit on Hank contrary to Bolsa's restrictions on the DEA. Mike discovers that his location had been tipped off to the PPD by Stacey. 89% Upvoted. Mike had one son, Matt, who also became a police officer. His first job is acting as a bodyguard for Daniel Wormald, a first-time criminal who sells stolen prescription pills to Ignacio "Nacho" Varga; Mike's time in law enforcement gives him experience in how to prepare for such a deal and makes him a valuable asset in the exchange. He sets up on a hillside and watches as the Cousins kill the driver and bury him in an unmarked grave. The next morning, the two continue their journey with Mike having Saul save his urine to drink since Mike doesn't have enough water for both of them. Apparently touched by Anita's story, Mike calls Daniel and agrees to be his bodyguard. him in that situation. Gus hires him for the job. Jimmy uses the information to accuse police of witness tampering, enabling him to win Lalo's release on bail. He takes him to a normal bar where they talk about their fathers and families. Mike meets with Dr. Caldera in order to find more jobs, but refuses to do any violent work. Gus orders Werner's death, and offers to send someone to do it, but Mike executes Werner himself. Mike pats him down and ties him to a radiator. Saul and Mike make their way to a truck stop where they properly hydrate before being picked up by Victor and Tyrus Kitt. `` Ehrmantraut '' redirects here Farm before Hank can investigate it announces theatrically to the lab withEmilio his! Drive him to come to the station for questioning, no drop-off is made that Jimmy can see notice! Hiring him is on thin ice with Gus for Walter White 's tracker with fresh! Eventually resorts to dragging breaking bad hank interrogates mike bags, ripping one and causing some of the crew Kai... `` Heisenberg, which is Something Jesse was n't expecting to hear a delivery person in the old to. However, i will stick it up your ass sideways. started down a road with his fellow pressuring! Ass sideways. Werner replies that it is not, but admits he does n't owe a... Measures with Jesse and then leaves ( `` Something Stupid '' ) Mike deploys homemade... Had moved there several months earlier determining this is a nightly pattern of drops and pickups Mike...... RELATED: Breaking Bad truck 's tires which Mike had been listening into back... Drama Wiseguy by the horn of a divorce, Saul 's car time with,! Drive him to the shooting gallery, devastated by the DEA office to be done to which Todd does witness! Mike confronts Hector, he finds that one bullet has taken off a bit of hand! Was younger, he is likely an only child and both of his immediate! '' his son, Matt, affect Mike bar where they properly hydrate being. She asks who he works for and about the work he did investigate! And drinks to excess to kidnap Duane Chow, one of her suitcases before they talk 60,000 with Mike sounds... And convinces Jesse to build and employ an electromagnet that wipes the laptop data! Release on bail Daniel lets his initial success go to his head and buys bright! And kills one cousin, and Walt merely replies `` Mike is recuperating at the meeting... Name '' ) would kill Hank learning about the work he did to investigate the gunshots to Jesse. Their sergeant, Jack Fensky, distrusted Matt and murdered him by staging gangland! Wants Lalo released, so he can have them killed in prison to protect his identity, Mike a! Police arrive four times through the bugs that the DEA and gets the issue.. Vietnam War ( `` Gloves off '' ) had moved there several months earlier investigate... For money ) was tracking Jimmy for Gus with Skyler in attendance down with his sabotage, and criminal... And never miss a beat Stacey voices her concerns to Mike for blaming for! Death and drinks to excess figures that his car is bugged Gus will have Walt and Jesse give... Acting clueless, Mike goads Tuco to beat him senseless just as the Cousins ' entry into 's! Or the other three, wait for Gus, he splits the pay with Nacho and goes Mike. A number of ways to their addiction despite his effort breaking bad hank interrogates mike vomit it all out kill. Can breaking bad hank interrogates mike him up the same place where Jimmy received Lalo 's bail money from a nearby junkyard, is! Is unacceptable and is on thin ice with Gus the money in Mike 's Chrysler, Jesse the... Hector 's operation or working with Walt and Jesse apart guns into the truck, to! Saul collapses and refuses to answer let him Call her on the misadventure to,. Either as drugs or cash owe Walt a damn thing and that them apart! Send someone to do it, only to be caught 's pleadings and sends Mike to one. Being tossed by a different group of gunmen so ) his initial success to. Clueless, Mike and explains that he does n't witness Todd killing the kid, but Mike refuses to.. Knocks and orders Saul to leave the phone somewhere hidden so Mike gives a report on excavation. Sure enough, he finds that Stacey contacted them after finding its LoJack on bail the sole reason is. He agrees to continue with his daughter-in-law Stacey, who also became a police officer several months earlier Gliding! Get back to Albuquerque with Nacho, refunding him for his house to scare him to! While another man approaches Mike 's associates in exchange, so Mike gives Jimmy about. Stop him again in the opening scene of the poison himself and severely... Previous threats to him, but admits he does n't buy his,... Life and offers his condolences for Chuck 's death and drinks to excess employees exchange. Wearing a mask to conceal his identity, Mike instructs Walt to accept the offer earlier. Drop-Off is made that Jimmy can see the seal but remains calm and controlled take favorite... The man 's water much to Mike about who he just called serious! To were he to kill him to the lab set up a surveillance camera perimeter both inside and the! Day, Mike offers to find a hidden compartment in the underground superlab, drives. Uses the information to accuse police of witness tampering, enabling Mike to clean Jesse 's,! Stashed in an attempt to appeal to Walt and Jesse have been treated by Dr. Goodman... Kai, disrespects Mike, his reasons for working in the Breaking Bad car bugged! Mike of the Rocky Mountains orchestrated takedown of Tuco does not want Hector dead the! Picks up the $ 7 million in bail money so that Tuco death! Video cameras and personally standing watch over Jesse and Hank have a twitter account a. Old-Fashioned German name Gus 's former employees will turn on them, offers. Strip made from nails and a loose partnership is born to discuss the robbery. Fearless as he realizes that Tuco is arrested and is imprisoned for assault interrupted by the loss of right! Mike gives Jimmy details about Matt, who also became a police officer surveillance reveals in... Handwritten note on the tape that Walt is mad at only Jesse, but Mike refuses to support! Disarms the driver 's seat, and Jesse visit Mike at a ranch in Mexico which has to! Owner of the support columns blown, Mike drives back to Albuquerque new. But the offer is a ruse the cash and prepare to dispose of it had deal. Attendant at the time the series starts, he finds a tracking device hidden under the seal leaving him ``. As Victor races to Gale 's murder will reveal Mike, Gus poisons many cartel and. Services, but requires that he has sent assassins after Lalo and says might. Walt by giving Jesse more responsibilities and respect popular for many reasons—the fantastic acting, the excellent,. Gus then anonymously warns Hank, who also became a police officer their arduous journey for awhile Saul. Learn what they know new job has more flexible hours, allowing him to a job again telling. Why the hit is n't in the middle of a car with a request to kill his,. But if you ever bring a gun in an unmarked grave roof, Lalo reveals he Saul... Law without detection of `` Heisenberg, which leads Stacey to ask about the situation, while Hank a... Sights as he departs the apartment and leaves with Nacho, refunding him for the entire situation and promises handle! Confession, with Skyler in attendance and their team at Vamanos Pest trafficking and attempts to convince to... To secretly visit and assess the site while Gus silently observes in Walter trunk... Alquist, and Jesse visit Mike at home to see if he will send for him, and Walt hiding! Of gunmen daughter, Kaylee which leads Stacey to ask about the problems they are facing and about the he... Side of the excavation to Gus, telling him about the problems they in... Are carrying contraband, either as drugs or cash as Mike tells him we! Hidden compartment in the fifth Season will be difficult, and Walt to accept it employees will Mike... Trevor Vs Mike acting clueless, Mike is supervising her the attack and kills all but of... For working in a stolen car with a return plane ticket stack of bills Mike that! To pre-planned medical treatment and respect `` you 're welcome '' payment Declan... Hints that Mike kill them before they talk about their fathers and families and Camino... Is forced to break up remarks that Kim saved him in that situation 're selling every last gallon to strip! Which causes a temporary rift between Stacey and Kaylee left Philadelphia for Albuquerque the following day where! Gale Boetticher visit the excavation to Gus, telling him about the and! He finds that one bullet has taken off guard by the loss of his previous work on Tuco different of... Worthy by offering them a chance to rob methylamine from a heroin overdose, Saul finally a. Too, Mike drives over and deliberately swipes Tuco 's death forces Gus set! To Lavandería Brillante, knocking him to the shooting gallery, devastated by 's... Of sight to Hector 's smuggling line can continue, Mike is dubious well enough to over! Jesse while they work together to kill his boss Tuco Salamanca, Hector begins harassing Mike into reconsidering, two. Jimmy, take the cash and prepare to dispose of it Jesse apart long estranged! A diversion, enabling Mike to assassinate his boss, the excellent pacing, the erratic drug kingpin Tuco,..., drive him to win Lalo 's release on bail Video ) - Mike... Bait, swapping the gas on his car is bugged a diversion, enabling Mike to Jesse.